We made these

Our Family

BAFTA winning pre-school observational documentary series celebrating the everyday magic of family life in the UK. High rating on the Channel and BBC iPlayer, regularly in the top five shows, the series received particular praise for its authentic representation of diversity and disability.

Time for School

A heart-warming pre-school observational documentary series following the lives of Reception children at two contrasting primary schools, as they start school for the very first time. The programme was CBeebies’ top rating show during launch week, and received critical acclaim as a crucial tool to introduce children to school.

Little Explorers

Live action shorts showcasing different activities children can do during their summer holidays. The programmes were shot at contrasting locations, offering a diversity of activities to our younger audience.

My Life: Star’s Incredible Journey

The inspiring story of twelve year-old Star who has brittle bone disease and struggles to walk up a flight of stairs. Star embarks upon the challenge of a lifetime – to climb 704 steps to the top of the Eiffel Tower, raising money for other children with her condition.


A delightful pre-school series follow the daily goings-on of three-year old Jade, her brother six-year old Josh, and their parents. This documentary, filmed in Norfolk, captures the daily life of a typical British family.


An enchanting pre-school series capturing children as they play together on a beach in Devon. Highlighting ‘natural play’ as a source of both learning and joy, the shows reflect the magic of children being children together.

A Different Life: Matthew

Matthew has brittle bone disease, which means his bones can break with the slightest knock. Unable to walk, with limited mobility, Matthew has a ‘zest for life’ rarely found. In this honest and inspiring documentary, we follow his first steps towards the independence he has so long strived for.

Big School

The world’s first mainstream pre-school observational documentary series following a Reception class at a Buckinghamshire infant school as they start their first term at school. Our cameras capture the children’s daily experiences and reveal what really happens when parents leave their little ones at the gate.


Behind the scenes documentary filmed at Diana, Princess of Wales Children’s Hospital, talking to those who know how it really works – the patients. For children and about children, this heart-warming series follows the life-changing stories of our brave and inspirational young contributors.

Make It Big

10 kids, 6 weeks, 1 office. The series follows a group of 11-14 year olds as they attempt to take the adult world head-on and run their very own business for the summer holidays. Through the eyes of our young employees we see just what happens when children are given the opportunity to work like adults.

Stepping Up

An observational Children’s documentary series following a group of students in their first year of comprehensive school in central England. We walk the school corridors with a diverse group of children learning to deal with the difficult task of growing up. For the first time, this show empowers young people to tell the stories of what really matters to them.


This ground-breaking documentary series was the first of its kind to gain full access to students in their final year at a comprehensive school in Manchester. Dubbed ‘the real Grange Hill’, our cameras followed the teenagers’ daily movements, through to their GCSE exams and final results. The programme was the highest rating factual show on the network at time of broadcast.

School Update

The follow-up series to School. Only a year later, how have our young adults fared in the real world? As the teens reunite for the very first time, we discover how friendships have changed since leaving school, and explore what’s in store for our special gang.